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“We Make Old Pools Look Young Again”

Pool Renovations
and Remodeling

Our renovations and remodeling team can remove and replace your plaster and tile.

Swimming Pool
Renovation Services

The plaster finish on your swimming pool and or spa which is a decorative coating that covers you gunite or concrete cannot last forever. Over time all plaster will begin to lose its luster and begin to peel and crack. Your once beautiful pool is now rough on the feet and loose plaster flakes may be appearing in your skimmers, pump basket and vacuum.

Older pool tiles can age and fade from sunlight and chemicals. Tiles can even fall off, posing potential safety issues.  We will work with you to choose the best tiles for your particular environment which will enhance the appearance of your backyard.  We can even add a dramatic flair to your steps, benches and son shelves with the addition of highlight tile.

The Triad's Pool and Tile Restoration Company

Additional Services

There are many more components to a swimming pool than plaster and tile. Signature Aquatics will conduct a complete inspection of your swimming pool along with all components and report our finding with short term and long term suggestions:


Plaster and tile replacement will not only enhance the appearance of your pool, but will also prevent future water leaks and maintain the value of your property. Call us today and we will be glad to visit with you and assess your renovation needs.
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