It's all about surrounding yourself with style.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to building your pool.  Let your imagination go wild!

Vanishing Edge

The measure of the magician's skill is making the impossible seem effortlessly attainable. So it is with a vanishing-edge pool. Without question vanishing/negative edge pools are the hottest thing going- classy, sassy & fun. They are back yard magic with universal appeal.
Traditionally found in resorts or water parks, beach entry is now available to homeowners. This concept consists of a gradual slope from the deck into the pool. It is wonderful for sunbathing in the water and a play area for kids.

Beach Entry

Sun Shelf

The sun shelf (also known as tanning shelf or baja shelf) is a great spot for the little ones to play or for a lounge chair.  It can be designed from an oversized top step, or as a separate addition to the side of the pool. The average depth is around 6 inches, but can be as deep as you want.  
It has been well document that nothing cleanses the mind/soul or is more relaxing then shimmering sight & sound of falling water. A water feature can produce a range of effects from a rushing mountain spring to a eerie trickle. There is something magical about running water. No one can resist the opportunity to swim under or have the invigorating water cascade down over them. Your water features will be the focal point of your entire back yard. The unmatched elegance lighted running water is truly unique in every sense of the word.


Sculptures & Decorative
Landscaping Rocks

Our beautiful, decorative rocks add personality and flair to your pool, while adding lasting value and timeless elegance that no man-made attraction can match. Our unique sculptures add the finishing touch to your personal oasis.
Add a little flair to the water's edge and beyond with a light show of your favorite colors.  Fiber optics are fine strands formed from glass or plastic. These strands are flexible and have a special coating that reflects light, enabling light to be transmitted from one end of the strand to the other.  They transmit light but not heat, which makes them ideal for pool application.

Fiber Optic Lighting